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Jenn Ashworth’s sixth letter

Dear Nermin You asked me if I thought there was a connection between where we are and how we write. And I’ve been mulling it over for so long that my last letter to you is now quite late! My

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Nermin Yildirim’s second letter

Dear Jenn, I eagerly awaited your letter, and read it with pleasure. Let me begin by answering your first question. No, I don’t write my novels thinking that one day, they might be translated into another language. I believe that

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Jenn Ashworth’s second letter

Dear Nermin, Thanks so much for your lovely letter. Right away I get such a strong sense of you and your personality from your words – it’s easy to forget what magic a good writer and a good translator can

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About Manchester Letters

Manchester Letters features an online correspondence between UK author Jenn Ashworth and Turkish writer Nermin Yildirim. Over the course of the next few months, they will be sharing insights into their working lives; discussing current works in progress, sources of inspiration and how their social and political environments impacts on their creativity.

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