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Jenn Ashworth

Jenn Ashworth’s first novel A Kind of Intimacy was published in 2009 and won a Society of Authors’ Betty Trask Award. Her second, Cold Light was published in 2011. She was featured on a BBC Culture Show Special as one of Britian’s 12 best new novelists and her work has been translated into French, German and Italian. She writes an award winning blog at www.jennashworth.co.uk/blog and lectures in Creative Writing at the University of Lancaster. Her next novel is called The Friday Gospels and is due out early next year.
Jenn Ashworth’un ilk romanı olan “A kind of Intimacy”, 2009 yılında yayınlanmış ve Yazarlar Toplumu’nun Betty Trask Ödülünü kazanmıştır. İkinci romanı olan “Cold Light”, 2011 yılında yayınlanmıştır. BBC Kültür Şovu Özel bölümlerinden birinde Britanya’nın en iyi 13 yeni roman yazarından biri olarak gösterilmiş ve kitabı Fransızca, Almanca ve İtalyancaya çevrilmiştir. www.jennashworth.co.uk/blog adresinde ödüllü bir blog yazmakta ve Lancaster Üniversitesi’nde Yaratıcı Yazım üzerine ders vermektedir. “Friday Gospels” adındaki son romanı 2013’ün başlarında yayımlanacaktır.

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Jenn Ashworth’s fifth letter

Dear Nermin Your fourth letter was posted online while I was flying out from Manchester to come and meet you. So this is a cheating sort of letter – written in my hotel room after we’ve already spent the evening

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Jenn Ashworth’s fourth letter

Dear Nermin, Time is fast creeping up on us and I’m already so excited about meeting you and seeing your city. You’re right: it will be my first visit to Istanbul. I’m really looking forward to drinking in everything the

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Jenn Ashworth’s third letter

Dear Nermin Another lovely letter, and so many interesting points for me to mull over this week. I love what you say about being willing to ‘occasionally inconvenience’ your reader, as it gets right to the heart of a few

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Jenn Ashworth’s first letter

Dear Nermin Whenever I meet another writer I always want to ask about their writing process. While these questions can seem trivial I think they communicate something important about writing – so much of what happens before the book gets

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