MLFManchester Literature Festival (MLF) provides unique and imaginative opportunities for audiences to experience high quality live literature via an annual festival format and associated project activities. Our main objectives are: to showcase the very best in contemporary writing from across the world, to commission innovative literature from established and emerging writers, to provide opportunities for writers to experiment with new media in the production and presentation of their work, to promote Manchester as a hub for international cultural exchange, and to provide inspirational opportunities for children and young people to engage in creative writing and reading activities. To find out more visit

ITEF-Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival is the brainchild of Kalem Literary Agency and is organized by the non-profit association Kalem Culture in strategic partnership with Literature Across Frontiers.

Kalem Agency’s non-profit branch Kalem Culture Association organizes author’s readings, live literature events and children’s literature workshops along with ITEF to contribute to the thriving literature scene of Turkey and aims to spread the festival spirit outside the city of İstanbul where it is based.

The first and unique international literature festival in Turkey, organized in 2009 for the first time, ITEF-Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival creates a space that ensures the cooperation of Turkish authors and publishers with foreign publishers, editors, translators and authors. Already a part of international network of literature festivals via cooperations with various sister organizations, ITEF is a partner of Hay Festivals since 2011.

ITEF celebrates each year in the first week of October the joy of all things literary with its Professional Meetings fellowship programme, a special children’s programme, thematic readings and discussions along with literary parties and gatherings. To find out more visit

Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) is a European platform for literary exchange, translation and policy debate with a programme of initiatives spanning Europe and neighbouring regions. LAF aims to advance European cultural exchange in the field of literature and translation through multilateral cooperation on projects that foster intercultural dialogue through literature and translation, improve access to literatures underrepresented in the international arena, encourage greater diversity in international literary events and in the publishing of literature for all age groups, develop innovative approaches to literary creation, promotion, support for translation and training of literary translators working in less widely-used languages, act as a catalyst for new multilateral contacts, collaborations and innovative projects bringing literature into interaction with other art-forms and exploring the social and political role of writing, stimulate debate on relevant policy and financing at national and European level, and create opportunities for the exchange of ideas, transfer of skills and knowledge, and sharing of experiences and resources amongst organisations active in this field. To find out more visit

The British Council is the UK’s leading cultural relations organisation. It builds engagement and trust in the UK through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between cultures in more than 100 countries worldwide through a broad range of programmes in the arts, education and society, and the English language. Their specialist Literature team based in London works with hundreds of British writers, publishers, producers, translators and other sector professionals across literature, publishing and education. Together we develop innovative, high-quality international projects with colleagues and partners around the globe that provide opportunities for cultural exchange with the UK; this might be through festivals, book fairs, conferences, libraries or in the classroom. To find out more visit

About Manchester Letters

Manchester Letters features an online correspondence between UK author Jenn Ashworth and Turkish writer Nermin Yildirim. Over the course of the next few months, they will be sharing insights into their working lives; discussing current works in progress, sources of inspiration and how their social and political environments impacts on their creativity.

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